Raigad district, Maharashtra.  A quintessential link to the nearly extinct tribes and rituals of adivasis in the hinterland.

The Sakav NGO movement situated at the very heart of Raigad endeavours to strengthen the core capabilities of the men and women of the Barda tribe by equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s socio-agrarian environment. 

Sakav’s literal meaning in Konkani language means a bridge over a rivulet. It certainly has an apt name and has given a new meaning to the life of the adivasis living here. 

One of the first steps taken by Sakav was to initiate the cultivation of a second yearly crop over and above rice, a practice that has curbed the migration of the Barda tribe to neighboring villages and industrial centers. Sakav, in turn, used its expertise to transfer Barda’s second crop produce to markets across the state at a fair price. 

Sakav also extended its help to the youth of Barda by setting up educational and vocational programs so as to empower Barda’s most precious crop – their youth, their true future.

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