Housing is one of the most basic requirements of a human being. A country only gets as good as its infrastructure. And thus, going by this understanding, we get a clear picture of the living conditions in rural India, particularly of those below poverty line. Even after 62 years of Independence, we still have people living in kaccha houses.

It is keeping in mind such a scenario that The Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) took up this challenge to provide for the deprived.

The ‘Eco Tech Village’ project:
The Centre of Science for Villages undertook this project with an aim to develop a model village consisting of 100 families with the help of eco-friendly technologies to make the village self-sufficient and having potential in replicating and transferring technology. All this, in a cost effective and do-able manner.

Main features of the project:

·         Eco friendly houses: The houses are built with ordinary clay blocks that help keep the rain and heat out

·         Efficiency: These mud houses are earthquake and hurricane resistant, can be built even in coastal areas

·         Facilities provided: Individual water connections, common bore wells, water recycling units, specially designed community as well as individual toilets, greenhouse plantation, community centre, market place etc.

·         Generation of energy: Renewable energy generation using biogas plants made available.

·         Rain water harvesting: Rain water is collected from the rooftops into artificial ponds custom-made in open spaces

·         Infrastructure: The entire village has been built with detailed planning and in eco-friendly ways. For example, the roads have been constructed using locally available material i.e. stones.


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