Dragon Fruit, a delicious desert fruit, comes from a species of cactus called Hylocereus. Decreasing rains in the interiors of Maharashtra in and around Solapur, has led to farmers out there opting to grow this crop as it requires very little water to grow and still produces a good yield.

This fruit crop has saved the day for the worried farmers of Marshiras - one of the villages in Solapur, who have been affected by acute drought in the region. 

The only issue being the cost of production. Growing this plant is a costly affair owing to requirement of pole beams, rings and other such props that provide balance to the crop, in close similarity to grapevines.

But the farmers in the region are yet hopeful that the Government shall look up their issues and help them out in this time of adversity. Now that they have taken the first step towards finding a solution in this crisis, they feel that it’s high time that the Agricultural Varsity must, on priority, carry out extensive research on this crop and find ways to increase the yield. The drought-affected farmer also wants the government to come ahead and push this idea as a full-fledged project by providing economic assistance in the form of seeds, saplings, and other setup required for the crop, thereby making the most of the existing conditions. But is the Centre listening? Or is it going to take action only after something drastic happens? Is this the treatment we mete out to our anna daatas?


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