One may have heard of various agricultural exhibitions taking place across the country, to help expose the farmer community to the world outside their farms. But the Pune Farmers' Market is different. Because, it not only is helping the farmers get due recognition, but is also working towards creating awareness about organic farming.

An initiative of Karen Anand - a celebrity food consultant, writer and entrepreneur - and her team of devoted professionals, the Pune Farmers' Market was held at the very posh Westin Hotel in Koregaon Park, Pune on Sunday, December 9. Apart from showcasing a variety of farm produce grown organically, that too of export quality, the Market is also a delight for food and wine lovers who come from far and wide. 

The Market had a variety of vegetables, fruits and other produce that are normally exported to foreign countries. As a result, one could find red cabbages, Differently structured carrots, yellow-coloured brinjal and other such vegetables in this exhibition for the farmers. 

The event also saw stalls of bottled wine by various brands that have been made out of the very grapes produced in Nashik and Satara regions. The market also showcased products like honey, cheese, butter and ghee, that is manufactured by farmers in India and exported for use abroad. Other interesting stalls were that of packaged drinking water and packaged coconut water. 

Apart from this, there were stalls for fresh fruits of the best quality and flora like the orchids and bonsai plants as well.

The stall categories include - Fresh vegetables & fruit, Deli – cheeses/cold meats, Bakery, Patisserie, Confectionary items, Local wineries, Organic Grains & pulses, Indigenous Flowers and Plants, Mineral water & soft beverages, Ceramic Wares and Cookery, merchandise, Karen Anand’s books & food products, Organic cotton T shirts etc.

With thousands thronging this exhibition grounds in just one day, this event is set to be held once every month till March 2013. 



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