The 'Kisan' Agro Expo  began on a high note with the venue completely crowded within just few hours since it began on Day 1, December 12.  Farmers from across states were seen convening at this one spot in Pune for the country's biggest agricultural fair held annually.

The number of farmers attending the Expo has only increased with every passing day. Quite a many visited the exhibition with their family members in tow. The Expo is spread across such a large hall that one day is just not enough if one wants to check out every stall in the location. And so, the farmers stay back around the place all night. But this definitely speaks volumes about our farmer friends. That, they are very inquisitive and have a keen interest in products & services that might be of use to them.

There are more than 1200 stalls put up at the Kisan Expo, apart from exhibits like new machinery, and informative books on improved farming techniques. There are various instruments for irrigation purposes that are available here. It is only at this Kisan Expo that one gets to see a range of agro products and services as never seen before.

This is what the 'Kisan' Expo has in store:

Govt Schemes: The first stall as you enter is that of the state government's agriculture and water irrigation departments. Here, farmers are informed about the schemes available for them to utilise. The officials provide detailed information about production, marketing and storage.

New-technology Farming: There are Green House, Poly House, Shade nets installed at various points at the venue. How one can maintain the environment, weather conditions, is what the volunteers at the 'India Green House' stall explain to the farmers.

Tissue Culture: This stall by Patil Bio Tech gives information about successful tissue culture farming. They have grown a Banana tree and Sugarcane plantation on this basis.

Conventional Agricultural Equipment & Machinery: Power tiller, Crop cutter, different types of sprayers, foggers, etc.

Spray Technology: A very important aspect of farming is spraying of fertilisers and pesticides. The dos and don'ts of spraying, the technique to be used, on which plants should spraying be done and how much, what kinds of sprayers are available and for what purposes - these are the questions that are answered at this stall by ASPPEE.

Tractors: Various tractor-manufacturing companies had put up their stalls here, to sell their products to the farmers. Here, advance booking of tractors is available. Eisher, New Holland, Mahindra, International, Force tractors are few of the lot.

Motor Pumps & Electrical Equipment: Hand pumps, motor pumps of variousn sizes and powers available here

Irrigation Systems: State Government department of Water informed farmers and the people about methods of irrigation and their application

Solar Equipments: Equipment like solar heater, solar batteries, solar tube-lights, etc are availlable at some stalls.

Agriculture University: The Agriculture University has a stall at the Kisan Expo, which gives information about various research conducted and those being carried out and about its benefit to the farmers. 

Water Testing: At this stall, the volunteers provide practical demonstration to the farmers for storing water for water purposes

Seeds & Planting Material, Fertilizers, Pesticides: Well known companies that produce seeds, pesticides and fertilisers for farmers have put up their stalls to explain the use of different klinds of pesticides , dependning on the kind of plant being grown.

Floriculture: Orchid, Jarbera, Carnation, Liliam, Bird of Paradise have been put up on exhibiton at a stall here at Kisan Expo. 

Films: Films on Agriculture , explaining various ways and methods of farming, are shown out here at the Kisan Expo.

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