Freely available solar power can be the next best alternative for all our energy needs, especially the Indian farmer. It is with this in mind, that various solar equipment were on display at the Kisan agricultural exhibition at Moshi in Pune.

Solar water heater: Uses latest technology to heat water by drawing heat from the sun

Solar Lamp: Has 3 modes, as powerful as a 40-Watt bulb

Solar cooker: Uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat food or drink to cook it or Pasteurize it

Now, this can be a good alternative to other forms of energy used for the very same purposes of heating water, cooking food, etc. Many villages do not have electricity. Solar panels can be a boon to such areas for ease in their daily chores. Also, it will save electricity and lower bills to a great extent, thus proving to be a 'green' alternative to natural resources like firewood, etc.


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  • Guest (Gauri)

    Very informative vid on solar energy.I particularly like the reporter.

  • Guest (Abhay Naik)

    Its great if everyone is using at there daily all needs. I want to promote if i get knowledge and work on the same.

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