Baba Amte, his wife, and now his sons, their sons and daughters-in-law all are selflessly working for the upliftment of the poor and the needy. Where do they get this energy from? What is their inspiration?

When one closely analyses their life, we realise that there is immense satisfaction in giving to others. They realised it very soon in their life and dedicated their entire life for the causes they believed in. 

There are many in our society who also do things for the society in whatever format they can. However big or small, it makes lot of difference in the lives of the people for whom they work. While they continue to do this, many of us continue to wonder - can I do something about it? If yes, then how do I do it? This question has perturbed many, few have found solutions and the rest are still confused. 

Bharat4india.com believes in helping these people galvanise their thoughts. We want to appeal to all such people to celebrate Baba Amte's birthday i.e. 26th December as 'Samaj Din' (Social Service Day). A day to give back to the society where they belong. It can be any activity in however small a form. Be it helping your maid's child by paying his tuition fees, teaching him, or even buying him his school uniform or other essential school materials. Or, you can visit the nearby Orphanage and donate if you want to. Or, you can simply spend some quality time with them and understand their issues. There is so much you can do. 

If all of us can contribute a bit, this country will be free of poverty and we will be able to help our brothers and sisters who need a little of our help to stand on their own and become responsible citizens of this country. 

So wake up and join the cause. While Samaj Din is to specifically remember Baba Amte's contribution, it will be never be too late whenever you do such good deeds.


(Sandeep Padhye is an expert in the field of Information Technology. He specialises in the study of 'social media' and its effect on the masses.)

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