Republic Day Special Series

A Prelude To Our Republic Day Celebrations


MUMBAI:  Barely ten days from now, we shall be celebrating the 63rd anniversary of India as a Republic. But despite it being sixty five years since we gained independence from the British rule, our motherland continues to reel under the effects of serfdom even today.

Poverty, underdevelopment, displacement, etc still hounds the nation - if not all, then certain sections of the society for sure. And these problems hardly seem to be getting resolved anytime soon, creating an urgent need for them to be addressed in the larger domain. 

Questioning the very idea, National Farmer leader Sharad Joshi has written a book called 'What Went Wrong With Indian Independence' that voices his opinion about the reasons, as he believes, as to why India; despite having received the tag of Independence, has failed to actually experience it.  The founder of Farmers' Organisation (Shetkari Sanghatana) in Maharashtra, Joshi has led a number of mass agitations on agricultural issues across the country.

And hence, rather than just celebrating the day as simply another reminder about India's status as a Republic, BHARAT4india questions 'Has India truly gained its independence?'. It is with this in mind that BHARAT4india has found it necessary to initiate a discussion on this topic and so, starting today i.e January 15, 2013, we at BHARAT4india shall run a series whereby Sharad Joshi's views will be shared via his book 'What Went Wrong With Indian Independence'.

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