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NAGAZARI village in Wardha district becomes Sanvidhan Village - on Republic Day, January 26, 2013.


Shri Vilas Gajbhiye, the Headmaster of ZP Primary School in Nagazari in Tehsil Karanja (Ghadge) of Wardha district made this village a 'Sanvidhan Village' on January 24, 2013, by displaying the Preamble of Indian Constitution in each and every household of the village, including places of worship and other public buildings. 

It was a unique and historical event, the first of its kind in the country. The best part of it all being - Gajbhiye did this with the consent and support of the villagers. Being IAS and ex-Collector of Wardha district, I consider it an honour to have attended the occasion as the Chief Guest. Dyaneshwar Raxak, noted social worker was the Guest of Honour. In a program held in a school premise, the guests explained the importance of the Indian Constitution and its Preamble which empower each and everyone for self-development and help work towards a developed nation, adopting the principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice, along the way.

Our Nation is celebrating her 63rd Republic Day today, i.e. January 26. But the inhabitants of Nagazari village, having a population of approximately 1651 (nos.) through 141 families and primary school (established in 1953) upto the fourth standard, witnessed the Indian Constitution for the first time and read the Preamble to the Indian Constitution in a public programme organised by the people for the people two days prior to the celebrations of India as a Republic. On January 24, Vilas Gajbhiye - the Headmaster, Kharode - a teacher, Katlam - the village Sarpanch, all the villagers including women and children, supported by Vikrant Janai and others, took out a Sanvidhan Procession and put on display a frame of the Preamble in every home.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar resounded the Constituent Assembly in the year 1949, saying, "The Preamble embodies the desire of every member of this house that this Constitution should have it's roots, it's authority, it's sovereignty from the people that it has". The Preamble to the Indian Constitution states the social philosophy ie. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the Principle of Life. Therefore, we must make our 'political' democracy a 'social' democracy. 

Understanding the importance of Preamble, while working as Chief Executive Officer Zilla Parishad Nagpur, I had launched a campaign of mass recital of Preamble everyday in all the schools of Nagpur district at the time of school assembly in 2005. This was a first-of-its-kind campaign in the country. Taking cognizance of this campaign, the Government of Maharashtra started Preamble recitals in all the schools and also declared November 26 as Sanvidhan Divas in 2008. Since then, the campaign for imbibing the Culture of Constitution is going on in Maharashtra.

Vilas Gajghiye took inspiration from this and successfully tried to imbibe the Constitutional Culture among the village people of Nagazari. This may be the first village in the country, having a Preamble frame displayed in each house. We must congratulate them for this revolutionary initiative and campaign for making this a Sanvidhan village. This village has set an example for citizen to follow and respect the Constitution of India, as given in Article 51-A. While celebrating Prajasattak Divas on January 26, we must see that we display the Preamble in our offices and homes, and also imbibe among ourselves the basic principle of the Constitution. This will energise and empower us to practice it and do real justice to the common man of this great country. And, this would mean a real tribute to the great patriot and the Father of Indian Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

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  • I am Miss. Sarika sagare. i met you 28th nov, 2013 in Sanvidhan Parishad in Solapur. I impressed your work and done one project entitled "The Awareness of Indian Constitution among the B.Ed Students" It got 1st prize at State level Avishkar competition at Jalgav 18th Jan, 2014. So that i got fellowship for carry on that project. now i am working on this topic. If you any suggestion fro me then please suggest me.

  • Sir, today morning I read the news related to awareness about constitution in 'Sakal' newspaper. I am very glad to know that much efforts are being taken for conserving and flourishing the const. I personally want to join this institution. Kindly allow me to join. By introduction- Adv Bhavana M. Kasare D/o Dr M.L.Kasare, Wardha. My qualification:- B.Sc. LL.M( Constitutional law ), B.Ed. My Experience- Six years practice in High Court, Nagpur, Six years teaching experience of social science,especially civics in different states of India such as Tripura, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, One year teaching exp in Law college Deekshabhumi Ngp. I can write articles, slogans and other necessities as per the subject.

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