AEG 2013: Galloping Towards Success


Helmet - Check. Fleece gloves - Check. Horse - Check. Rider - Check. The Annual Equestrian Games 2013 have begun. A three-day event, AEG 2013 is being held from February 8 to February 10.

Day One saw the following interesting events take place - show jumping, dressage, pole bending and equitation class. The youngest to be participating in the Games was merely 6 years old and performed really well throughout. The crowd was cheering one and all. Every kid participating in the annual games showed true sportsman spirit.

The Japalouppe Equestrian Centre has hosted this event for the 5th consecutive year, and it has only grown by leaps and bounds since their first event. The event is seeing an increasing number of participants and schools getting involved in the annual games this year, which is definitely a boost to the not-so-famous sport in India. The level of training given to the kids here and the effort that goes behind training the horses is truly noteworthy. A few participants brought in their own horses to compete and the joy of doing so reflected on their faces evidently. Proud parents could not take their eyes off their kids who were seen giving their best at the games.

Equestrian sport has taken a course of its own and spread out in the country, but it still is in need of space and infrastructure. Japalouppe has taken an initiative in doing everything possible to make this a popular sport. It is a great exposure for kids as well as for adults and a gateway for those who intend to take up the sport professionally.

The bond that develops between the kids and horses helps a great deal in inculcating values like responsibility and confidence, and also understanding the importance of hard work. The three-day event comprises games held across three arenas that are filled with kids full of talent and enthusiasm.

It is a process that builds a strong relationship between animals and children, ultimately leading to a great amount of understanding between the two.

All in all, the first day of the Annual Equestrian Games concluded with much enthusiasm and eagerness, with participants and visitors, both, looking forward to Day Two of the event.


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