The Journey - Dr.Abhay Bang


Dr.Abhay Bang has dedicated his life to reduce the infant mortality rate in the poorest villages around Gadchiroli and set up an NGO called "SEARCH". In his lecture at Sion Hospital he has narrated how his journey began and how his wife Dr.Rani has been of immense support in setting up this charity.

Their main aim was to understand the core problems of these people and eventually trained the local women the basics of  neonatal care. An eye-opener was when he managed to teach them how to diagnose Pneumonia and also taught them how to administer the use of antibiotics. These women were provided with a health pack and Dr.Abhay Bang refers to them as a mobile I.C.U.
By training such women the death rate in Gadchiroli has substantially fallen down and empowered every women in various ways. This has not only made the women feel proud but also helped them to gain a lot of respect and they are now recognized in their community.
Dr.Bang's initiative to build a hospital for these people was outstanding since it looked like a tribal village and that made the patients and relatives feel at home.
He believes that it is not feasible for such people to be treated in techno centric hospitals by trained physicians since there is lack of transport and they cannot afford to pay for their treatment.  This is truly inspirational and a benchmark for other rural areas and villages who find it difficult to find medical help or have to travel miles to reach a hospital.

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