Rang Tarang Mahotsav


Radha Rang is an artistic portrayal of Radha's life, her feelings for Krishna and her reactions to his naughty pranks.

The performance relates to today's modern day woman and how it is only fair for a woman to express her feelings for someone as explicitly as Radha did, in those times. It is being seen that with time-a-changing, the fact that a woman too can make her choices of her own life is accepted but still talked about. The performance not only speaks of Radha's love for Krishna, but also shows a few instances of naughty pranks played between the two of them.

The performance is also aimed at preserving the cultural history of India, dance, be it any art form - Kathak, Bhartamatyam or Tamasha. The songs have been selected from a mix of folk songs from Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

While Radha Rang performed by Kathak dancer Sukhada Khandge and Bharatnatyam dancer Tejashree Sawant portrays Radha Krishna's divine relationship, another group act on Saint Kanhopatra choreographed by veteran 

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