Nashik Wine Festival -2013

Nashik To Host First-ever Grape Harvest Fest


Nashik, keeping to its name as the wine-making capital of India, is all set to host the first ever grape harvest festival on March 2 and 3. A celebration of the grape harvest season, this wine fest is the perfect reason to say 'Cheers!' during this time of the year.

The fest will see sessions on wine-tasting, grape stomping, cheese tasting, as also stalls from different wineries, and a farmer's market, Maharashtrian food, gourmet food, expert talks, seminars, and even a few game stalls to add to the excitement.

The Indian Grape Harvest Wine Festival 2013 has been jointly organised by the Indian Grape Processing Board (IGPB) and the All India Wine Producers' Association (AIWPA). Expecting a large number of wine-brewing brands to participate, the fest is being conducted in  ways similar to grape harvest festivals held in the international arena in France, Spain and Italy, to name a few. 

Out of 40-odd wineries in India, atleast 35 wineries are located within Maharashta itself. The Indian Government has set up a wine cluster in Nashik under the Industrial Group Development programmes. This has helped in the development and incorporation of latest technological advance such as Mobile Crushing Units, Testing Labs, Cold Storage, Packaging Machines, etc. This, coupled with its natural location, Nashik accounts for almost 50 per cent of the grape harvest in India.

Nashik Wine Festival 2013

What one can expect at the Wine Fest:

  • Information related to wine production
  • Farmer's market to help provide them exposure
  • A push to Agro-tourism
  • Exposure to locally-produced wine
  • Authentic dishes from Konkan, Khandesh and Varhad regions

So come by and experience the World of Wine in our very own Nashik!


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