Being Woman: A Dreamland for the Disabled


Naseema Hurjuk while she was 16-year-old was a bubbly girl and always ahead in extra curricular activities like sports and dance, suddenly she underwent a back injury while playing Kabaddi and became paraplegic. Hurjuk, now a social worker from Kudal who overcame all the disorder, took it as a challenge and has now become a support system for hundreds of other disabled people in Kudal. 

With a thought to do her bit for disabled people, she decided to give them a lesson of being self independent. After this sudden disability, she completed her bachelors in economics and started working in a bank. She also worked with excise department for sometime. But realising that her life needs something more, she decided to give up everything and work towards the empowerment of specially disabled people. 

Hurjuk has now set up a cashew factory in Kudal and what special about this factory is that it is the employees who run this factory are all specially abled. As of now there are around 70 handicap employees working and staying at Swapnanagari and other 20 who come and work there.

In the year 2000, there were maximum number of disabled people Sindhudurg region. 

In entire state there were around 45 lakhs handicap people. Taking all these things into consideration Hurjuk thought of starting a project for specially abled adults who can lead an independent life. 

In the year 1983, on a small level with the inspiration of N D Diwan she started working on small level in Kolhapur. She started a small NGO Helpers of the Handicap and started working. Later on she expanded her work in Kudal by starting this factory. 

She said, "Once I went to London to participate in a competition, when I saw other specially abled people there, they had no sadness on their face and leaded a life of self respect. This motivated me to work for such people in India too."

Initially she started with a vocational centre and residential school for handicap and then expanded her work by setting up a cashew factory in Kudal. 

Her continuous work in this field has helped around 16, 000 handicap people who has received around Rs 16 crore of help. Also her book in Marathi Chakachi Khurchi has helped to motivate life of many specially abled.   




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