Now, climb on coconut tree with ease


Climbing on the long  trees and plucking coconuts has always been a task for the farmers who are indulged into coconut cultivation. Considering the same, Coimbatore Agriculture University has invented machine that will take you to right top of a coconut tree at the same time safety.

Because of this recently invented machine, it is now possible for common man also to climb the coconut tree. Climbing the tree, fetching coconut and having fresh tender coconut has always been fascinating, now the same is possible.

Even while the invention has been done in Coimbatore, but Konkan Agriculture University has now taken the responsibility of reaching the farmers here in Maharashtra. This machine has reduced the efforts that a worker requires to climb on the tree and has also ensured their safety.

On International level, India is the second largest producer of coconuts after Indonesia. In Maharashtra, the production of coconuts is around 175 million per years. Konkan being the most suited region for coconut cultivation, production of coconut is maximum in the state. in Sindhudurg region coconut cultivation takes place on around 58 per cent of region.

Around 30 meter long coconut tree is a bit difficult to climb on and therefore it needs experts who ca climb on the same and pluck coconuts. Due to its high demand, workers who climb on the tree also demands more salary due to the risk factor involved in the job and the skills being known to only few. This machines costs Rs 4, 000.

Currently, the workers in Konkan demand half of the coconuts being plucked or demand Rs 100 to climb on one tree. This machine will now reduce the cost involved in the workers.At the same time this machine will not only easeclimbing of the worker but will also ensure safety.

While explaining the working of this Dr Vijay Aware, he informed, It has a seat that helps the person sitting on it to climb the tree. The machine's  frame surface is covered with rubber material that helps to give a good grip.

Salient features of 'tree climbing machine

1) Unlike the traditional way, this machine ensures safety while climbing on coconut tree
2) No need of skilled workers, anyone can climb on it
3) Due to the seat being provided in the machine, efforts of plucking coconut is less
4) One can rotate while seated on the machine therefore can pluck coconuts from all the sides
5) Less chances of workers to undergo any health problems
6)This machine promises 200 per cent extra work over the traditional way
7) It saves times with 38 per cent
8) It also saves on cost involved by 48 per cent
9) The efforts are reduced by 68 per cent

One can contact: Professor Dilip Mahale - 9422052269 or Dr Vijay Aware - 9422635202 for this machine.




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