A Flat Annual Budget For Maharashtra


Water woes and agriculture problems dominated the annual state budget of Maharashtra on Wednesday, as deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar announced the same. 

A total of Rs 1.5 lakhs crores of annual state budget was announced by Pawar. 

Taking into consideration the drought prone regions in almost 15 districts of state, Rs 850 crores has been announced for water shortage in the state. 

This year being the birth century year of then chief minister Vasantrao Naik, Rs 100 crores has been announced for the same. 

With an aim to increase the lifestyle of farmers in the state and to provide them with required funds, Rs 53 crores 50 lakhs has been announced for fertilizer,

Rs 68 crores has been announced for poultry farming and milk production.

To develop the jetty projects in five sea coasts, Rs 102 crores has been announced, while Rs 400 crores has been announced to complete the incomplete projects which are already started but are frizzed due to some reason. 



Rs 711 crores has been announced for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Apart from encouraging primary education, the funds being allotted for this year's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan will concentrate on encouraging secondary education so that more and more students reach class X. 

Rs 152 crores has been allotted for e-leanring and laboratories in state schools. Apart from the basic salaries to school teachers, Rs 266 crore has been announced for other funds. 

For development in girls education and girls hostel, Rs 100 crores has been announced. 

Rs 150 crores has been announced for sports and youngsters development. Rs 113 crores has been allotted to encourage the education in information technology. Rs 501 crores allotted for the construction of Ashram Schools (residential schools) in rural parts.

To enrich MArathi language and encourage its education efforts will be made to make it global. E-books of major books in Marathi and old books of saints in Maharashtra will be now available on internet. Rs 160 lakhs has been allotted for the development of Marathi language.  



Rs 477 crores has been announced for health centers in the state. Rajiv Gandhi Sabla Yojana announced for adolescent girls in the state, Rs 244 crores allotted for health development in tribal region, Rs 1264 crores allotted for school nutritious mid-day meal.



Rs 2716 crore 67 lakhs allotted for the development of roads in different parts of the attar. Rs 3 thousand 200 crores has been allotted to proivde electricity to farmers in nominal rate. To encourage to energy projects in the state, Rs 196 crores has been organized, Rs 80 crores has been allotted to non conventional energy projects. Rs 409 crores has been announced for electricity to be reached to common man. Rs 2 thousand 500 crores announced to encourage industries in the state. 

This year a goal has been set up to produce 13 thousand mega watt electricity. 

Rs 39 crores allotted for the development of airports in the state. Rs 220 announced for slum development in the state. 



Major cities in the state will have CCTV cameras and Rs 150 crores has been announced for this project. Rs 317 crores has been allotted for upgrade in Police infrastructure. Rs 188 crores has been allotted for development in police stations and their residence. 



Work on Mumbai metro railways is expected to be completed soon and first metro railway will run between Sant Ghadge area to Wadala in September 2013. The second phase of Mumbai metro railway is expected to be completed in 2014. This work is expected to benefit at least lakhs of commuters in Mumbai. 15 road sin Mumbai are expected to be completed soon. 



Special budget has been allotted for Kolhapur Film City. As Indian cinema is in its 100th year, Marathi cinemas are to be encouraged and efforts to showcase Marathi cinema during prime time in theaters also to be encouraged. Rs 37 crore for museum development in the state. Rs 100 crores for Sindhudurg's sea world. Rs 2 crores allotted for each pilgrimage in the state. Rs 285 crores for tourism development in the state. 



Cigarette: Taxes on cigarette has been increased from 20 % to 25 %. 

Bidi: Taxes on Bidis is increased from 7 % to 12.5 %.

Tobacco products: Taxes on tobacco products increased to 12.5 %

Gold, diamond and silver ornaments to cost more as the taxes is increased to 1.10 % from 1 %.

Beauty products to be cost more as its taxes increased to 12.5 % from 5 %.

Beer to cost more.



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