Save Water Campaign: Creativity Beats Crisis


Ever wondered what use a see-saw would be of other than as a means to recreation activity for children?

Well, imagine this - First, water is pumped out of the borewell using a motor running on solar energy. Remember, no physical pumping is involved. This water is, then, pumped and stored in the water tank all by itself, every time the see-saw is used. Yes, this is exactly what happens at the Zilla Parishad School in Hirve Bazaar in Ahmednagar.

Campaigning For Water Conservation

This school is an establishment since the time of India's Independence. But the real change occurred in the 1990s, under the leadership of the one man responsible for what Hirve Bazaar is today - Popatrao Pawar. This far-sighted man, Popatrao Pawar, brought much needed changes to the village, unified the people, brought about various schemes for the benefit of the villagers, slowly and gradually.

Then, from there on, he proceeded to concentrate on providing the very important and necessary primary education to all. Going by the developmental standards of the village, there would have been no problem to establish a Convent school out there. But what Pawar did was phenomenal. He started a government-run Zilla Parishad school and provided education to children here, the quality of which is today at par with any Convent school in any city in this state. Not only this, but Pawar also involved the school and its children in all activities of development of the village, thereby imbibing qualities of self-empowerment and self-reliance in them. Today, the school is working actively to create water awareness amongst the villagers in and around Hirve Bazaar, working towards self-sustenance. 

To make sure, that this was 'the' way to become self-sustainable and create awareness, they began this project at the Adarsh Zilla Parishad School, whereby a pump fitted at one end of the see-saw would pump water into the water tank in the school. All this, without any additional labour or energy being exhausted. Instead, it was a reason for the kids of the school to be merry while at play on the see-saw. As a result, water required for the school for all its purposes is acquired and utilised by this methodology. Gardens, washrooms, organic farms, etc utilise this water; and at times, if need be, water acquired by this method is used for other non-conventional works of the village.


Water is life. This is how this village that has emerged out of being a severely drought-prone area into a flowering and flourishing green-land. It is from these hard times that the inhabitants of Hirve Bazaar have learnt a lesson from, and it is to avoid these very times from repeating; that the next generation at this Zilla Parishad school is being trained and educated for. 


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  • Dear Rahul sir,
    I need mobile no of Mr.Shivaji Sanap, vadgaon gupta for information of Kadaknath.
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