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Every state has a uniqueness of its own. While some places stand out for their traditions followed, some places stand out for their cuisine. Some places it the dance that's unique, some places it is the song and music. A combination of these factors has resulted into an exclusive culture- Indian culture. Maharashtra, for one, is well known for its animals, especially the 'Bull'.

The Khillar and Dangi bulls of Maharashtra are famous across states. And it is this part of the state's culture, although small, that Bharat4india has brought to the fore with an event called the 'Top Breed'. An initiative by, the event is being held at Ghoti near Nashik, Maharashtra. A two-day event, 'Top Breed' aims to bring all the cattle at one place and give them their long-standing due, for their direct and indirect contribution to the society at large.

The two-day event to be held on March 29 and 30 will see farmers and individuals from across the state gathering at one spot to take part in a competition that shall not only determine the top breed among the Dangi and Khillar bulls brought along, but also diseminate information and knowledge about the dos and donts about taking care of their animals, that shall help the villagers to care for their animals in a better way than before.

Why the Competition?

India is an agricultural land and Maharashtra's contribution to this industry is immense. Hence, it can safely be said that being a land of mass food production, Mahasrashtra is a highly industrialised state of India, owing to agriculture being the principal occupation of the state. And thus, most of the seasons, festivals etc are directly related to this occupation. Then, be it Pola, Diwali, Dusherra, Gudhi Padwa, Narali Pournima or even Holi, every festival has a seasonal importance in relation to the agro industry. 

There was a time when man and animal lived in harmony, both in mutual respect and love. But with passage of time, this too passed. Man became more and more 'mechanical', and animals became a just beasts meant to simply carry the burden of man. And yet, there are people, far in these villages, who care for their anumals like they would for any otrher family member, feed them on time and care for them like one of their own kind. It is this act of kindness, therefore, that Bharat4india salutes and with this competition provide the exposure to them that they rightly deserve. To remind humanity that these animals and other such ling beings are an inmportant part of our eco-system. Hence, farmers and individuals having Khillar or Dangi bulls of their own shall be taking part in the competition. As an obligation towards the social cause, the Rashtravadi Congress, Igatpuri has lended its complete support to the 'Top Breed' event. 

Why the location 'Ghoti'?

Ghoti, located near Nashik district in Maharashtra, is well known for its cattle market. As a result, each and every farmer knows the place, as they have visited it atleast once in their lifetime with their respective cattle and other breed. Exchange of crores of rupees take place here at the market over buying and selling of cows, bullocks and other breed; and is spoken about on the internet too. Hence, no better place to begin an event related to the very animals that are found in plenty in this location.

The winners at this competition will receive the folowing prizes:

The Top Breed - best of each (Dangi & Khillar) shall receive - Rs 11, 111, a shield and certificate

First Prize - Rs 5, 555, a shield and certificate

Second Prize - Rs 3,333, a shield and certificate

Third Prize - Rs 1, 111, a shield and certificate hopes that a new wave of information and knowledge is passed on to the farmers and villagers inculcating a sense of confidence and give them a reason to keep doing the brilliant and great work they do, for their and others good.

It is also hoped that this shall help them to take much more care of their animals and better their conditions, both financially and knowledge-wise.


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