2-Day Event Kickstarts, Hunt For 'Top Breed' Begins


The Top Breed competition organised by Bharat4india began with a bang on Saturday, March 29. 

People thronged the event location in thousands, bringing along their bulls. As per the competition requirement, bulls of both kinds of breed - the 'Khillar' and the 'Dangi' bull - gathered at Ghoti in Nashik. 

The competition will take place in five sub-categories under each category of the Dangi and Khillar bullocks. Their sub-categories are designated as follows - a tooth (a daat), two teeth (don daat), four teeth (chaar daat), six teeth (saha daat), only one pair of teeth (jurle daat).

Owners of the bulls started to gather at the competition venue in Ghoti, Igatpuri near Nashik district in Maharashtra since Friday evening itself. 

As for the special breeds participating in the competition, special care has been taken to tend to their needs. The bulls have been allotted a space of their own and a three-time meal with special wheat flour and grass and hay among other stuff, has been provided to these bulls.

A look at today's developments in the form of a photo story:





The stage is set for the 'Top Breed' Competition on location at Ghoti, Igatpuri near Nashik district.







Registration Desk thronged by farmers willing to participate in the Top Breed competition since Friday evening.







Farmers bringing their Khillar and Dangi bulls to Ghoti to participate in the event organised by Bharat4india.







Two Khillar Bulls participating in the Top Breed Competition being held on March 29-30









Care-takers giving their cattle a bath, preparing them for the competition on March 29.








Another pair of young Khillar bullocks brought in at the Top Breed Competition venue in Ghoti, Igatpuri.







One of the many stalls of decoration for the bullocks taking part in the Competition hosted by Bharat4india on March 29-30 put up near the event venue.




And now a few photographs depicting the mood of the venue through the day on March 29:




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