Cattle Trade in Ghoti


As bulls gather at the Bull Market in Ghoti, Nashik, there is a lot of business involved in the same. This small place in Nashik is famous for the bull market and the unique breed of bulls called the Dangi breed. 

Thousands of farmers from Ahmednagar, Nashik and other districts gathered at this bull exhibition and cattle market. There is a huge buying and selling of bulls done in this market wherein farmers who wants to buy and who needs to sell their bulls come in a participate in the give and take. 

Even as the reasons for this buying and selling of bullocks vary from person to person, the market takes on a fair-like atmosphere which becomes a mode of entertainment for the villagers who visit the market. 

For instance, Soma Bahade was present at the Bull market to sell his bull in Ghoti this weekend. His bull was chosen from among more than 1500 bulls present at the location, and was bought by Kashinath Jamdade from Awali near Nashik. Though Bahade quoted the bull's price at Rs 18,000, the deal was finalised for Rs 17,000 after a deserved bargain. Jamdade bought the bull as he had a similar bull at his place and he wanted a partner for the same. He said, "The size, breed, health of my bull is exactly the same and I got the bull as per my wish. This bull will now be useful for ploughing and also for my bullock cart."  Such buying-selling examples are much regular in the market. 

There are also calves that are bought in this market, only to be sold to another as a means of monetary benefit. Following which, the farmers buy other bulls which are useful in farming and other similar practices. There were also cases whereby farmers had come all the way to Ghoti just to sell their cattle because of the economic crunch in the family; and for a few others, it was just another form of business wherein they earn profit in buying and selling of cattle

Ghoti, Igatpuri

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