'Mismanagement Of Water Is The Main Culprit'


Prof. Pradeep Purandare, an expert in water management, speaks about how water mismanagement has led to citizens in both villages and cities living in scarcity of the basic element of life. Water Management is an important aspect that needs to be looked up to, if not resolve, at least minimise the crisis. 

Present for the 'Top Breed' event hosted by Bharat4india in Ghoti near Nashik, the expert in matters of water management spoke of the effect the drought spell has had and continues to have on people and the ecosystem on the whole; and his views as to how it must be addressed. 

A special screening for farmers on water conservation during this time of crisis called 'Jagar Panyacha' was done - a concept that was put together by the Bharat4india team. It comprised success stories about farmers and individuals alike who have worked a way around the issue of drought and received, in return, a new lease of life thus. The screening was held to reach out to the rural areas and inspire the hundreds of others living in similar situation to take note and make similar efforts to better their life instead of waiting for a miracle to happen.

To get more insight, watch the webcast exclusively on Bharat4india.

About Prof. Pradeep Purandare:

Prof. Purandare has served as a faculty in WALMI, Aurangabad for 28 years. He has done a special study on Water laws, contributed in State level committees and took a voluntary retirement in Dec 2011. 

Presently he writes a column on Water Management in Marathi Weekly "Aadhunik Kisan. His aim is to devote all his time for bringing out techno-legal details of Water. 


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