Noble Deed At Top Breed: Free Fodder For All


Scarcity of fodder is one of the after-effects that Maharashtra is facing, like any other state in the country suffering from acute water crisis. It is in such a situation that Pandurang Korde came in as a blessing in disguise.

Maharashtra is reeling under severe drought for a time period now that is long enough to affect the ecosystem on the whole, especially villages and towns that are the major producers of agro and livestock products for the entire country. 

So much so, that even growing grass and fodder for one's own animals in one's own land is a task. This has, therefore, resulted in the scarcity of fodder and grass for cattle in these drought-hit parts of the state. 

Considering this issue, a villager from Vasade village near Ghoti, Igatpuri, distributed grass and fodder to the farmers present at Ghoti bull exhibition and Top Breed competition for free. Pandurang Korde brought a tractor-load of at least 250 bunches of grass and fodder at the exhibition venue and distributed the same to all the farmers in need.

Korde said, "Due to drought scenario in the state, it is increasingly difficult for farmers to grow fodder and grass. Even buying it is not affordable due to the high prices being demanded. Therefore, I am distributing grass and fodder here to all those farmers who need it for their animals."

Thousands of farmers gathered at the venue in Ghoti for attending the exhibition and the Top Breed competition organised by Bharat4india. The exhibition and competition being held for two days (March 29-30), farmers stayed at the venue for three consecutive days. As they stayed away from their houses for this period, it became difficult for them to arrange for fodder and grass. And, the high prices of fodder also made it difficult for them to buy the fodder for their animals, giving them cause for concern. But one simple idea put into action by Pandurang Korde took all their worries away. One look at the farmers and their eyes said it all. They couldn't thank Korde enough. Even Korde's satisfaction arose from the fact that he could be of some help to the drought-hit farmers. "The drought has caused a lot of trouble to the farmers here. I am only trying to help," Korde stated.

Korde bought fodder worth Rs 11 thousand and readily gave bunch by bunch away to whosoever approached him for the fodder, free of charge. This kind of open-heartedness touched the hearts of many at the venue and is indeed an example of nobility, benevolence and humanitarianism.


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