Reutilisation of Water To Ease Water Crisis


The state of Maharashtra is reeling under a spell of severe drought and it is in this situation that a family from Aurangabad - one of the cities that is facing the worst drought till date - has found a way around the crisis - a special report by our Aurangabad bureau chief Vivek Rajurkar. 

The whole of Marathwada is experiencing a major crisis. A major water crisis, just like any other region in Maharashtra is facing this year. Even the city of Aurangabad has been hit by this severe crisis, due to which societies receive water for only two days in a week. Among these affected families is one called the Birare family. But this family is fighting back the crisis and quite successfully at that. this family has been collecting water used for bathing and washing clothes for re-use later during the day. For this, they have put to use certain home appliances, which is an innovation in itself.

Saves about 300 litres daily

The Birare family staying in the Hadco TV Centre area in Aurangabad has made arrangements for re-utilisation of the water they use during the day. By reusing the water they use for bathing and washing clothes, they save approximately 250 to 300 litres of water on a daily basis.

Mid-way to face water crisis found

There are a total of six members in Dnyaneshwar Birare's family. Therefore, this scarcity of water has been a huge cause of worry for Birare, who works at Crompton Greaves. They use water with extreme caution, lest that they are left with no water for even basic use like washing utensils and clothes, cleaning vegetables etc. Then one day, the lady of the house decided - 'There needs to be a solution to this daily worry for  water. the husband-wife duo then, with the help of their family friend Suresh, sat down together and developed a plan to work around the issue. 

Now, most of the water goes into taking bath and washing clothes. If this water is re-routed for use later on, other chores like flushing etc can be managed with this water. And thus made arrangements by custom-making applications accordingly, such that they can collect and utilise the same water that is already used earlier, wherever possible. For eg. using the already used water for cleaning the floor, washing the bathroom, flushing toilets, washing vehicles, and even watering the plants. Thus saving drinking water for the same purpose. 

How does it work?

The Birares have kept aside one separate bucket to collect all the water used for bathing, washing clothes and utensils etc. For this, they have attached the motor of their cooler to collect waste water into the bucket. The mouth of the hose is fitted with a net to sieve and distill any solid particles in the water. This bucket is placed at a height and fitted with a tap at its bottom. Whenever required, the water is collected into a bucket placed right under it. The water recycling process does not end there.  The water in this bucket is then recycled by placing a mixture of pebble stones and carbon particles on a mesh over the opening of this second bucket. The water that is collected in this bucket is again distilled by a water purifier fitted inside the bucket. This procedure is followed thrice to give recycled water for reuse, which is then collected in a 300 litre drum.

The best part about this is that the Birares made this entire setup on their own, with appliances and material available at home. Thus, setting an example that even as 'Necessity is the mother of invention', procrastinating will only add to their woes. But in the process, the most important fact being, the Birares found a way to save and conserve water.



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