'Top Breed' Winners Announced


The much-awaited list of winners of the Top Breed Competition hosted by Bharat4india.com in Ghoti near Nashik on March 29-30 is finally out.

Livestock are agro-based Maharashtra's pride and requirement, both. And thus, there is a need to preserve and protect them, taking care of their numbers from going down. It is with this very thought that Bharat4india hosted the 'Top Breed' competition and hopes to spread this idea among the farmers and owners of livestock like the cow, bull, goat etc. and other animals. For this, it is an absolute necessity that animals and their breeds be given exposure and be displayed to a wider audience to bring them in the know about the available species.

"The society at large must know how the farmers of our land take care of ther animals. The farmer must get the attention he rightly deserves, the honour he rightly deserves; for the dedication and care he shows towards these animals, without expecting anything in return. And so events of the likes of the 'Top Breed' Competition are a must in villages and its interiors," said Sameer Bhujbal, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha. The young MP from Nashik constituency was attending the Top Breed Competition and Bull Exhibition organised by Bharat4india in Ghoti near Nashik on March 29-30.
The categories were divided into two - Dangi and Khillar, according to which the prizes were distributed. The much-awaited results of the Top Breed competition are as follows:


Top Breed/ Dangi - Ashok Tupe, Belu, Sinnar

In One Tooth Category:
1st Prize - Kachru Ghodsari, Samsherpur
2nd Prize - Dnyaneshwar Kadu, Khadakwadi
3rd Prize - Govind Pardhi, Borli, Igatpuri

In Two teeth Category:
1st Prize - Ganpat Pichad, Dongarwadi, Igatpuri
2nd Prize - Pandurang Jakhere, Mogare, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Vishnu Khegde, Padri

In Four Teeth Category:
1st Prize - Baalu Hari, Bhavari Pimpalgaon, Igatpuri
2nd Prize - Madhukar Kadam, Manikozhar, Akole, Nagar
3rd Prize - Maruti Aarshende, Borthembe, Igatpuri

In Six Teeth Category:
1st Prize - Ashok Tupe, Belu, Sinnar
2nd Prize - Sagar Gavhane, Kanchangaon
3rd Prize - Tukaram Sonavane, Khed

In Joint Teeth Category:
1st Prize - Sagar Gavhane, Kanchangaon
2nd Prize - Bhimrao Bhangare, Ekdara, Akole
3rd Prize - Rajaram Ekhande, Tahkari, Akole


Top Breed/ Khillar - Namdeo Chavhan, Manikkhamb

In One Tooth Category:
1st Prize - Suresh Mhatre, Borthembe
2nd Prize - Bhagwan Chavhan, Manikkhamb, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Ashok Yadav, Igatpuri

In Two teeth Category:
1st Prize - Narendra Chandak, Ghoti
2nd Prize - Shivaji Ghare, Talogh, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Haribhau Nirmal, Taked, Igatpuri

In Four Tteeth Category:
1st Prize - Namdeo Chavhan, Manikkhamb
2nd Prize - Namdeo Langhde, Talogh, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Deepak Lagad, Taked Khurd, Igatpuri

In Six Teeth Category:
1st Prize - Ashok Katore,Sinnar
2nd Prize - Yashwant Kadu, Avchitwadi, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Shivaji Ghare, Talogh

In Joint Teeth Category:
1st Prize - Nivrutti Gatir, Mundegaon
2nd Prize - Raghaji Rokade, Devale, Igatpuri
3rd Prize - Ganesh Aadole, Takeghoti, Igatpuri

Ghoti/ Mumbai


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