Prabho Shivaji Raja


Prabho Shivaji Raja is an animation movie with a difference. This animated historical drama, based on the life and times of the legendary Maratha warrior, Shivaji Bhosale is an ode to the king who through his military genius took on the might of the Moghuls and freed his land from their tyrannical rule of more than 350 years.

History remembers him as much for his heroism as it does for his sense of justice and equality of his subjects, irrespective of class or religion.

Nilesh Muley, the Animator-Director of this film, has consistently spent two and a half years working on this project. Almost 3 lakh sketches were made, frame by frame, for the film. Cell or classic animation is a complicated type of animation, but going by the first look of the film, it would seem difficult to deny that Muley has done absolute justice to the art by choosing it.

Aimed at entertaining an audience aged anywhere between 6-60 years, Muley's story-telling on the Maratha King and his heroic deeds cuts across all age groups as a must-watch form of cinema. The film will be premiered in Marathi, and even showcased in Hindi and English. Every visual in the film has been developed after in-depth research on locations, historical data and information related to the man fondly called Chhatrapati that is presently available. The script and screenplay that reflect this extensive research, have been put together by Ninad Bedekar. Bedekar has been doing research studies on the life and history of this great Maratha leader for quite some time now. Other renowned experts on the subject of Shivaji Maharaj; like Baba Saheb Purandare and Sadashiv Bhau Sathe have also vetted the script, providing it the necessary stamp of authenticity.

A creative process reflects the full swathe of the germination of an idea to its final blossoming into an enriching piece of artwork. For Muley, this process has been - first, assimilating all details and then, converting it into a two-dimensional work of art. Over the past two years, the Muley-Bedekar duo has devoted their time and energy towards developing the story line, testing animation techniques, polishing and republishing every detail of this film - both real and imagined - to realise its full potential. They have created atleast 2.75 lakh sketches till date to develop fine quality animations and painted more than 9 thousand backgrounds, combining traditional techniques of animation with new technology to create the film Prabho Shivaji Raja.


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