• Republic Day Special Series

    MUMBAI:  Barely ten days from now, we shall be celebrating the 63rd anniversary of India as a Republic. But despite it being sixty five years since we gained independence from the East India Company, our motherland continues to reel under the effects of serfdom even today. Questioning the very idea, National Farmer leader. Joshi has written a book called 'What Went Wrong With Indian Independence' that voices his opinion about the reasons, as he believes, as to why India received the tag of Independence, but has failed to actually experience it.

  • Valentine Day Special

    Mumbai: This Valentine’s Day one can do their bit in increasing awareness about sensitising men towards women by just clicking a mouse button. 

    Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA) is a voluntary organization in India which has entered a international contest that can win them a prize to spread love and forgiveness in the communities. Spread the love by just click of a mouse and you can be a part of this noble cause.