• Top Breed Competition 2013 launches its debut event of finding the best breed of cattle found in Maharashtra, from mainly the Dangi and Khillar types. We bring to you bit by bit information of the two-day event held on March 29-30 this year. Watch this space for more on 'Top Breed' Competition held at Ghoti-Nashik; which, in a way, is a tribute to the 'Bull' - the pride of our rural Maharashtra.

  • Nashik Wine Festival 2013

    Nashik has now set it's foot into the international markets and is par with other wineries around the world. It hosted a wine festival for wine lovers on the 2nd and 3rd March at the Jupiter Hotel in Nashik. This has created a unique identity for the city and almost 40 wineries participated where around 200 varieties of grapes were showcased. This was also followed by cheese tasting sessions and live performances.