Mumbai – a city donning many identities – India’s commercial capital, Maharashtra’s capital, seat of Bollywood, fertile ground for budding cricketers and India’s biggest urban sprawl. The first images coming to one’s mind at the mention of Mumbai region are packed local trains, ever-increasing number of high-rises, proliferating slums, bumper-to-bumper traffic, commotion and over two crore people constantly running the rat race to reach somewhere!
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BY HARISH  SADANI While lakhs of citizens have recently raised outcry over the death of a 23-year girl brutally gang-raped in Delhi, at least 4 to 5 cases of various forms of violence against girls / women are being reported daily from several other cities and towns across the country. A significant number of youths organized protest demonstrations, demanded stronger punishments for male offenders, through various media.
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BY E. Z. KHOBRAGADE(IAS - Retd., Founder - Sanvidhan Foundation & Founder President of MOF ) NAGAZARI village in Wardha district becomes Sanvidhan Village - on Republic Day, January 26, 2013.
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BY E. Z. KHOBRAGADE(IAS - Retd., Founder - Sanvidhan Foundation & Founder President of MOF ) The fax reached to Collectorate Wardha stating that  the Prime Minister of India would be visiting the district on 30th June 2006. I had only 7-8 days in hand for making elaborate arrangements. 
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BY E. Z. KHOBRAGADE(IAS - Retd., Founder - Sanvidhan Foundation & Founder President of MOF ) Binagunda-Kuokodi are historical villages. They find place in survey of India map. These are located in Abujmad, the den of naxalites. The tribe living in this area are called Bada Madias, the most primitive of all tribes. 
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BY VARAD GIRI Introduction The Western Ghats is composed of five landscape scale corridors (CEPF-ATREE Report, 2009) and one of these is Sahyadri–Konkan corridor of Maharashtra and Goa in the northern Western Ghats. In this region there are excellent examples of the northern extremity of the richer forests of the Western Ghats.
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BY VARAD GIRI It was summer in 2001 and we were searching for reptiles on one of the coastal rocky plateaus in Maharashtra. The entire habitat was looking barren as these are crests of small mountains mostly covered with rocks and with scarce vegetation in some patches.
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BY SANDEEP PADHYE Baba Amte, his wife, and now his sons, their sons and daughters-in-law all are selflessly working for the upliftment of the poor and the needy. Where do they get this energy from? What is their inspiration? When one closely analyses their life, we realise that there is immense satisfaction in giving to others. They realised it very soon in
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BY RAHUL KHOT About one million insect species are known to inhabit every nook and corner of our planet, except seas and oceans. Scientists believe that there maybe about nine million more insect species inhabiting our planet!
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BY Prof. (Dr.) SUDHIR GAVHANE Towering high-rise buildings, glittering malls, shining shops, shopping-savvy higher middle class, multi-line roads with bright huge flyovers, Western-designed airports flooded with affluent creamy class! This is what is the nature of our present world of progress & prosperity.
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