It was only after their Talukas were declared dry zones, Varud and Morshi in Amravati region took the message of water conservation seriously. Now, the villagers have taken the mission to such a level that it has set an example of water budget for entire Maharashtra state. 
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It's World Water Day today. And the importance of this day cannot be better understood by anyone other than those residing in Maharashtra, a state which is neck-deep in crisis due to the drought situation glowering over it. 
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Water woes and agriculture problems dominated the annual state budget of Maharashtra on Wednesday, as deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar announced the same.  A total of Rs 1.5 lakhs crores of annual state budget was announced by Pawar. 
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Motivated with the idea of safeguarding the endangered turtle species, turtle rescuers in Konkan have taken concrete steps to conserve them. Working towards this goal for over a decade now, turtle rescuers in Velas in Konkan have rescued around 19,000 turtles till date. The Sahyadri Nature Friends Circle in Velas started working for conservation of this species in the year 2002. This time, the Nature Friend Circle in the village rescued around 18
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Climbing on the long  trees and plucking coconuts has always been a task for the farmers who are indulged into coconut cultivation. Considering the same, Coimbatore Agriculture University has invented machine that will take you to right top of a coconut tree at the same time safety.
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The Mumbai Chapter of the POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) carried out a protest march from Vashi station to Odisha Bhawan in Navi Mumbai on March 12. 
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Naseema Hurjuk while she was 16-year-old was a bubbly girl and always ahead in extra curricular activities like sports and dance, suddenly she underwent a back injury while playing Kabaddi and became paraplegic. Hurjuk, now a social worker from Kudal who overcame all the disorder, took it as a challenge and has now become a support system for hundreds of other disabled people in Kudal. 
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Twelve years ago, it was a tough time for the Takalkar couple from Aurangabad to accept the fact that their child had been diagnosed with autism - a developmental disorder. Initially, it was a scary thought, but then they took this as a challenge; and began to work towards their one and only goal - providing education to autistic children and transforming their lives for the better. It was with this in mind that Ambika and
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It was an unusual sight at the Sewri Jetty on a scorching afternoon on March 9, with Mumbaikars - young and old alike - gathered in huge numbers to get a glimpse of the pink beautiful birds - Flamingos. It could well be termed a Nature Fair as thousands of bird-watch lovers turned up at the spot within a span of 7 hours. 
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Founded in 2004 by brother and sister duo Osh Bhabani and Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar, b:blunt is India's premiere 'destination hairdressing salon'. It pays homage to the changing face of India with seemingly simple but precisely cut, colored and constructed hair.
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