December 26, 1914. Dr. Murlidhar Devidas Amte was born. He was born to Devidas and Laxmibai Amte - a wealthy jagirdar Brahmin family - in Hinganghat in Wardha district of Maharashtra.
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Mood Indigo 2012 saw a whole lot of hoopla and happenings at the host location - the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, popularly known as IIT-B. The end-of-the-year saw their annual cultural fest bring together cultures, not only from across states but across the globe.
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Nowadays the Pomegranate growers in India especially Maharashtra are facing much difficulty due to a bacterial blight disease locally known as 'Telya'. It is in this scenario that the fruit, nicknamed as the 'Wonderful' pomegranate variety, that has been developed by Israeli technology, is being imported in India.
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In this part of the series, BHARAT4india's Agriculture Editor Yashwant Yadav speaks to a set of experts, this time, about Biotechnology, its advantages and disadvantages, certain myths about the process, etc... Watch to know more...
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One of the many plants that were on display for their A-1 quality of produce, was the Guava plant. The stall showcasing the new and improved Guava drew huge crowds due to its size and colour. This new variety of Guava, called the VNR-B type has been obtained after almost 14 years of dedicated research. 
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The 5-day 'Kisan' agricultural fair ended on December 16 on a high note, with the event grounds crowded to the maximum. Even as the event that began on December 12 in the small village  of Moshi in Pune neared its conclusion on the evening on Sunday, December 16, the fully-hooked crowd seem unrelenting to budge from the place.
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Freely available solar power can be the next best alternative for all our energy needs, especially the Indian farmer. It is with this in mind, that various solar equipment were on display at the Kisan agricultural exhibition at Moshi in Pune.
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Catch all the 'LIVE' action at the country's largest agricultural exhibition of the year here at BHARAT4india, as the 5-day event  comes to a close today. Stay tuned...
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We have all heard of scented incense sticks, candles, matches and aromatic paints among others, but this is truly a one-of-its-kind innovation by Chandrashekhar Singh, a full time farmer from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
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The largest Agro Fair of the country for the Indian Farmer 'KISAN' is coming to a close, but the enthusiam among the visitors is far from going down.
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