A study, commissioned by Greenpeace, assessed water utility and availability in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. This report, in the backdrop of the much discussed White Paper on Irrigation, holds much importance, especially since Vidarbha can be said to be one of the "neglected" and hence, most affected regions of Maharashtra, when it comes to the irrigation sector.
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Farmer suicides were first reported in the 1990s and the first case to come out into light was from Maharashtra. And the saga continues even today. Wardha, one of the districts in Maharashtra, has seen 40 farmer suicides in just 4 months.
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Ziro is one of the most beautiful and pristine towns in Arunachal Pradesh.  It is very well known for its scenic beauty. Since it is surrounded by valleys from all sides, it adds to the beauty and is truly mesmerising. Ziro has a strong tribal heritage and one of the most famous tribe that resides there is the Apatani tribe.
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Dragon Fruit, a delicious desert fruit, comes from a species of cactus called Hylocereus. Decreasing rains in the interiors of Maharashtra in and around Solapur, has led to farmers out there opting to grow this crop as it requires very little water to grow and still produces a good yield.
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A woman naxalite was killed in an encounter with the police, early on Sunday morning in the forests of Abapur village in Chamorshi taluka of Gadchiroli. The Gadchiroli police received Intel about the presence of a group of naxalites in the forests of Abapur-Kothari area.
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Horses have been part of human lives for ages now. Their connection with humans goes a long way into history, and stronger than with any other domestic animal ever known.
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Maharashtra State government has come out in strong opposition against the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel’s report, headed by Dr. Madhav Gadgil, on the Sahyadris’ heritage sites development and its effect on its environment. 
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Squeaking baby rats, pink in colour, along with the big ones are flung out from holes dug along the rice fields in Raigad district's Barda village. These rats are said to create nuisance by destroying crops, the losses of which the adivasis here have to bear.
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Mhaswad, a small village in Pune district in Maharashtra, is known for its famous hand-woven woollen blankets. And the credits, as we all know go to the Dhangars – one of India’s oldest aboriginal shepherd tribes. But what we do not know is that another tribe called the Sangars are equally entitled to receiving this credit as it they who provide us with the final product – the blankets.
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The Father of the Nation needs no introduction. So visible is his importance in our history that each and every belonging of the Mahatma has been carefully treasured as an asset of the country. But there is a truth that has been kept hidden from all of us for quite some time now.