Scarcity of fodder is one of the after-effects that Maharashtra is facing, like any other state in the country suffering from acute water crisis. It is in such a situation that Pandurang Korde came in as a blessing in disguise.
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Prof. Pradeep Purandare, an expert in water management, speaks about how water mismanagement has led to citizens in both villages and cities living in scarcity of the basic element of life. Water Management is an important aspect that needs to be looked up to, if not resolve, at least minimise the crisis. 
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As bulls gather at the Bull Market in Ghoti, Nashik, there is a lot of business involved in the same. This small place in Nashik is famous for the bull market and the unique breed of bulls called the Dangi breed. 
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The much-awaited list of winners of the Top Breed Competition hosted by in Ghoti near Nashik on March 29-30 is finally out.
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The Top Breed competition organised by Bharat4india began with a bang on Saturday, March 29. 
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Every state has a uniqueness of its own. While some places stand out for their traditions followed, some places stand out for their cuisine. Some places it the dance that's unique, some places it is the song and music. A combination of these factors has resulted into an exclusive culture- Indian culture. Maharashtra, for one, is well known for its animals, especially the 'Bull'.
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