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One of the many plants that were on display for their A-1 quality of produce, was the Guava plant. The stall showcasing the new and improved Guava drew huge crowds due to its size and colour. This new variety of Guava, called the VNR-B type has been obtained after almost 14 years of dedicated research. 

The main features of this Guava are:

1. The Tendency - Normally, on ripening, the guava fruit falls off the trees and ends up getting bruised, thereby getting spoilt even quicker. But this new variety guava stays attached to the tree even after ripening and the farmer can pluck them off themselves. Thus the produce is all good and does not go waste. 

2. The Size & weight- This variety produces  guavas of almost double the size. Normally, a guava is about 300grams each, but this variety weighs almost 600 grams each.

3. The Quality - Quality of VNR-B guava is better than that of other varieties, as it not only is big in size, but also has a sweet-salty taste to it.

4. Storage & Transport - This variety can be stored for almost 20 to 30 days after plucking them off the trees. Thus, it helps long-distance transportation, without the fruit getting rotten. 

5. The Conditions - This variety requires very less water to grow and thus can be grown in dry lands with a minimum amount of water.

The farmers, especially of Maharashtra, as they face face drought conditions in most parts of the state, can grow this variety of Guava and expect not only a good produce, but also stand to gain huge profits from this.



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