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b:blunt - Warrior Women

Founded in 2004 by brother and sister duo Osh Bhabani and Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar, b:blunt is India's premiere 'destination hairdressing salon'. It pays homage to the changing face of India with seemingly simple but precisely cut, colored and constructed hair.

Over the years, a steady stream of internationally reputable stylists have joined the ranks of b:blunt including superstar stylist Avan Contractor and most recently Brent Barber (awarded UK's Best Hairstylist of the Year).
A strong belief in ideas, hard work, tremendous commitment and ensuring a consistency in offering the latest trends has put Adhuna, Osh and their team at the top of their profession. The preferred choice of avant-garde youngsters, top-of-the-line fashion magazines and genre-defining Indian films, b:blunt is at the forefront of hairdressing and education continuing to redefine Indian hairstyling.
Warrior Women was a collection developed in light of the movement to "Stop violence against women". b:blunt collaborated with friends who believe in this movement, and strive towards equal rights, both in their personal work and in their contribution to this collaboration.
They showcased their work along with their company and took this opportunity to not only do that, but to portray their beliefs too. The idea was to bring together like-minded people and join in the spirit of creating awareness of these very important issues that women and children around the world face on a daily basis. 1 in 3 women will be raped today, it is time to rise and protect the women and children of our country and around the world.
Say No to violence!

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