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'HORSE'ing around in Akluj

Horses have been part of human lives for ages now. Their connection with humans goes a long way into history, and stronger than with any other domestic animal ever known.

You can get to see around 2000 horses at the GhodaBazaar held in the interiors of Maharashtra in Akluj, about 215 kms from Mumbai. This bazaar is held for a month at the onset of Diwali and horse owners from Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh put up their horses for sale here. These are not thoroughbreds that one normally gets to see at a racecourse. They are purely Indian-bred horses and of type - Marwaris, Kathiawaris and from Punjab. The Marwaris hail from Rajasthan and are extremely well known for their endurance. Close on heels to the Marwaris are the Kathiawaris. The Kathiawaris are capable of going long distances across rough terrains due to their capacity to resist heat and are known to be extremely affectionate horses. The horses from Punjab, on the other hand, are mainly used in weddings and so, you will find most of them dancing all the time. Earlier, this market would take place at Pandharpur every year but for the last four years, it has been relocated to the APMC market in Akluj.

These hoofed creatures enthrall us with their power and grace. And one only needs to be there to experience the thrill. And so, this bazaar is a must see for all, horse lovers and otherwise, because this place is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised.


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