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Balya Dance in Konkan

Konkan... nothing but California for all India... Konkan region is flourished with mind-blowing scenic beauty and its heritage culture... Konkan is known for its Ganpati Festtival... people who have migrated from konkan to Mumbai, Pune or to any other place gather together to celebrate festival of their beloved god Ganpati Bappa... Ganesh gestival in konkan is altogether different than what we see in Mumbai or Pune. It is celebrated in its purest form... During Ganesh Festival people in konkan do lots of different things to impress their beloved lord Ganesha... BALYA DANCE is one rare folk dance which is performed for Ganpati Bappa. This dance form is most energetic and with full of trans. Let's have a look at BALYA DANCE performed for Ganpati Bappa sent by Aniket Bhosale.

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